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Duncan Giblin is a Tasmanian-based photographer who uses photography as a medium to create environmental and conceptual pieces which are truly unique and timeless. Duncan’s work investigates community and individual narratives which impact our environmental and personal well-being.

Duncan believes that art has a critical role in documenting the human experience and contributing to behavioral change over time: "The documenting of natural beauty can no longer be separated from the growing reality that we are on inexorable path based on our species’ consumption.In fact because of this path we are on, sharing the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world is the civic duty of anyone who is able."

The artist sees the raw value in confronting his own dysfunctions: “I think when we prosecute arguments that critique the choices of the collective, we have to reflect on our own choices and what our drivers are, even if we don’t like it.”


Duncan sometimes likes to get paid for things, and has some mechanisms for this to happen.

Fine art images
Duncan has a selection of fine art photographic images available for purchase. All images are printed using the highest quality archival papers and inks, and come with certification of authenticity.
The artist is motivated to constantly capture new images and believes in the value of unique, limited edition pieces. Therefore, since 2014 all photographs are only printed with one fine art image released for sale. A single artist’s proof is produced for selected images, and this second print may be offered for purchase, used for exhibition purposes or donated to charity at the artist’s discretion. If you choose to purchase one of Duncan Giblin’s images, you are buying a unique photograph, of which only one or two prints will ever be made. Duncan feels that unique state and single artist’s proof images have more meaning and are more rewarding for people who resonate with his work.
Duncan has both conceptual and environmental work available. Please request password to view conceptual works online, as some images are recommended for 18+

Portrait work.
If you would like to collaborate on interesting and inspiring conceptual images, please get in touch. Please note that Duncan does not provide corporate portraiture or basic PR images; if you are interested in work of that nature, he can provide other recommendations.


If you are interested in contacting to discuss photographic works please feel free to contact Duncan here. 


Rolling Stone,Australian Mountain Bike Magazine,Treadlie Magazine, Tasmanian Times, Enduro magazine, Into Adventure, Adidas Eyewear Campaign, Violent Femmes, News Ltd, Australian Broadcasting Commission 

Australian Museum, MONA+ others 

Solo exhibition - Wild , Solo exhibition - Lady Marion, Solo exhibition - Icarus, Solo exhibition - Tide, Collaborative Exhibition (Exhibition Coordinator) - Varuna, Solo Exhibition - Carnivore

Duncan has also covered multiple national and international live bands/performers 

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