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Duncan is a Tasmanian based photographer who uses photography as a medium to create timeless and unique environmental works. Duncan also uses the camera to construct conceptual works. His conceptual works investigate community and individual narratives that impact our environmental and individual well being. 

"The documenting of natural beauty can no longer be separated from the growing reality that we are on inexorable path based on our species consumption. In fact because of this path we are on, sharing the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world, any thoughts on the displacement of natural values and path is the civic duty of anyone who is able."
Duncan believes art has role in documentation and as a contributor to behavioral change.

The artists sees the raw value in confronting his own dysfunctions. “I think when prosecuting arguments critiquing choices of the collective you have to reflect on your own choices and what your drivers are, even if you don’t like it.”


Duncan sometimes likes to get paid for things, and has some mechanisms for this to happen.

Fine art images available for purchase 
Duncan has available a selection fine art photographic images. All images are printed using the highest quality archival papers and inks and come with certification of authenticity.
The artist believes for him photography needs to be unique and is motivated to constantly capture new images. Subsequently since 2014 all images are now only printed with one artist proof and one release image, Some artists proofs are available for purchase others remain with the artist for exhibition purposes or are part of the artists pay it forward with select artists proofs being donated to charities. Duncan only ever produces  1 artists proof if at all. If you choose to purchase one of Duncan Giblins images you are purchasing a unique state or 1 of 2 issues only. Duncan feels that unique state and single artists proof images have more meaning as an artist and are more rewarding for people who resonate with his work.
Duncan has both conceptual and environmental work available. Conceptual works viewing online is upon password request.

Event coverage.
Duncan is available for interesting and dynamic events such as, festivals, national or international sports coverage. Inquire through the contact form.

Portrait work.
If you would like to collaborate on interesting conceptual images get in touch.  Duncan doesn't  do corporate portraiture or basic PR images if you are interested in work of that nature he can provide other recommendations, If you want to do something interesting get in touch


Rolling Stone

Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

Treadlie Magazine 

Tasmanian Times 

Enduro magazine 

Into Adventure 

Adidas Eyewear Campaign 

Violent Femmes EP cover 

News Ltd 

Australian Broadcasting Commission 

Australian Museum 


+ others 

Solo exhibition - Wild  
Solo exhibition - Lady Marion 
Solo exhibition - Icarus 
Solo exhibition - Tide  
Collaborative Exhibition (Exhibition Coordinator) - Varuna 
Solo Exhibition - Carnivore

live coverage bands/performers 
Nick Cave - Grinder man 
Violent Femmes 
The Flaming Lips
Kate Miller Heidke
Neneh Cherry
PJ Harvey 
Dresden Dolls
Courtney Barnett
Paul Kelly 
Pussy Riot 
Mike Patton
John Grant 
DJ Z Trip 
The Orb
Kev Carmody
Kelsey Lu
Hoodoo Gurus 
Monique Brumby 

Dewayne Everettsmith 
Jim Moginie 
The Break 
 Kate Tempest
David Byrne
Wildbirds & Peacedrums
All The Weathers 

Shonen Knife
Augie March
Mick Harvey
Tex Perkins 
Australian Chamber Orchestra

 Client Liaison



Sun Ra Arkestra

The Bombay Royale

The Julie Ruin


Neil Gaiman

Ryoji Ikeda

Michael Bettine

South East Desert Meta

lPrince Rama

​Ben Salter

+ More. 

If you are interested in contacting to discuss photographic works please feel free to contact Duncan here. 

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